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RD Construction Inc

Complete Commercial Renovations in Montreal

Remodelling or renovating any commercial space can bring freshness and comfort to all business endeavours your company may be pursuing, thus attracting customers and streamlining the production and efficiency of your employees. RD Construction Inc is dedicated to offering professional quality services for all types of commercial renovation, construction and remodelling projects. We understand your needs and bring the efficiency required to accomplish your goals within your budget and on time. We will provide you with a knowledgeable and experienced team of experts to guide you throughout the duration of your commercial renovations in Montreal. So, why wait? Improve your business by improving your commercial property today!

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Our Services as Montreal’s Trusted Commercial Contractors

No matter what kind of renovation you are looking at, we can give you highly aesthetic interiors combined with a practical and ergonomic layout that facilitates easy movement. It is important that your commercial space conveys the essence of your brand. We can provide doors, windows, glass panels, and other fixtures to give your space a fresh and unique look that goes with your enterprise’s essence. If you feel that your office or commercial space just does not resonate with the essential character of your business, we can help you design sensible spaces taking into account the specific requirements of your business. If you have been thinking of refurbishing or refreshing your office’s interiors, we can help you design your commercial space to give it a distinct new look. Our designers help you put together modern, sophisticated, and highly functional spaces while keeping your business’s specific requirements in mind. Call us to book a no-obligation consultation with our experts.

Properties We Cover

At RD Construction Inc, we take into account factors such as the size of your organization, the strength of your workforce, the individual requirements of the personnel as well as your brand and industry. Whether you are planning a small scale interior overhaul or a complete renovation from the ground up for your retail outlet or restaurant, our expert designers can help you with unique design concepts that can transform your space entirely.


We have the expertise to provide services for all kinds of renovation projects from small scale residential upgradations to large scale office remodelling jobs.  With years of expertise gathered from serving clients across Montreal, we can perform large scale commercial renovations for all types of projects. Whether you want us to design a small outlet in the mall or a large shop or a big commercial centre, we can assure you of efficient and expedient services. Contact us to know more about our services.

Experienced Professionals at Your Service

At RD Construction Inc, we can provide you with comprehensive services including assessment of your available space and functional designs to match your requirements. Our experts are committed to providing our clients with exactly what they want. Our wide base of satisfied customers across Montreal is a resounding testimony to our efficient services. Being in the industry since 1994, we have over 15 years of experience in providing quality commercial renovations in Montreal. We are well-equipped to provide hands-on services to our clients and offer them an experience that is professional and personalized to their specific requirements.

Why Get a Contractor on Board?

Entrusting your renovation to experts ensures that all your needs are completely taken care of. You can relax while we handle everything from planning and designing to assessing the space and sourcing the material fixtures. Our responsive and caring team responds promptly to all your queries and inputs. We also pay through attention to every small detail to make sure that our work truly exceeds your expectations. Contact us today to try our outstanding services.

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Providing Complete Commercial Renovations in Montreal


We can provide you with complete renovation and restoration solutions across Montreal for various projects.

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