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RD Construction Inc

Classy And Modern Ceilings

RD Construction Inc provides elegantly designed stretch ceilings that are built to last! Our large variety of materials and designs will bring your home and office the sense of style you wish for, combining practicality and functionality.

Discover Our Range

Ceiling Materials

RD Construction Inc provides the following types of stretch ceilings:

Gloss Ceilings

RD Construction Inc provides clients with the largest selection of colors and shades available on the market! Our range of colour options is constantly expanding with new products, with over 80 colors available on a permanent basis. The use of gloss ceilings expands the room visually, by making it look more luminous with the help of a mirror like surface, achieved by adding a special varnish layer on top of the PVC films.

Matt Ceilings

Matt ceilings are the big timeless classics of the stretch ceilings sector. Their matte, simple appearance makes them the perfect fit for a mute coloured rooms, in soft nuances and boasting classic pieces and designs.

Satin Ceilings

Satin stretch ceilings combine the best features of gloss and matt ceilings in one. Resembling the texture of satin fabric, the soft glow and softness of this type of stretch ceiling embelishes interiors in a unique way, by combining style, shine and elegance.

Types of Ceilings

RD Construction Inc is proud to provide a wide range of types of ceilings that create visually attractive spaces in residential, commercial and industrial areas of your property. From classic to modern, we provide the right solution for the result you wish to see!

Tray Ceilings

Our special installation method brings your home the most inexpensive and simple way of jazzing up your interiors – tray ceilings! The ceiling is thus installed in a multi-level fashion, through a precise and rigorous mounting technique, allowing you to experiment with lighting while dividing the ceiling space.

Double Color Ceilings

With the help of the canvas curved joint technology it became possible to combine different colours in one canvas. This created unique possibilities for interior decorating, allowing you to create any number of unique ceiling designs.


An accessible and popular way to decorate the room is photo printing on stretch ceiling film. It is possible to print almost any kind of image you wish directly on the surface of the PVC ceiling material. The high resolution of printing allows you to enjoy great image quality. You can choose the images from our catalogue or from a stock image library. The possibilities are virtually endless!

Starry Sky

Starry skies are a unique solution which allows you to create an imitation of the night sky at home. It creates a beautiful pierced ceiling with tiny light sources. This type of stretch ceiling is typically comprising of a gloss canvas in dark colors, led filaments and a special projector. This design will certainly fascinate you and your guests!


Art-Perforation is a new product in the ceiling industry. The experts cut holes in the dense material used to create the two levels of the stretch ceiling according to your pre-selected pattern. Almost any pattern can be created, according to your requirements. This special profile is used to create beautiful patterns one of the most interesting interior finds of recent years!

Floating Ceilings

Floating ceilings offer an attractive solution to enhance your living spaces. Lights are fitted in grooves between the ceiling wall and the ceiling attachments, dividing the area as per your requirements. The option of creating the shapes and sizes you need according to your unique ideas makes this the best solution for those looking to bring their interior decorating dreams to life.


Translucent films connect lighting and ceilings into one single system. What makes them different is the manner in which the dense and hard PVC film closes securely around the supporting structure, while still allowing light come in. The translucent ceilings can be combined with other technical solutions, such as photo printing.

Floating Lines

Floating lines are a very practical and stylish solution in interior design. A track in special construction combines two functions: 

  1. Stretch ceiling attachments 
  2. The basis for a LED strip

The transparent insert made of PVC is put into the profile and becomes a luminous line. The lines can be combined into more complex shapes, creating unique ceiling and lighting designs.


  • Stylish interior element
  • Secure and functional construction
  • Practical lighting solution
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