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As of today, solar control low-e glass is the best and the most progressive solution for a Canadian climate. It is a progressive development that combines two major characteristics of a modern IGU – energy efficiency and sunscreen. This is the first technology that works both in winter and in summer.

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Solar Control Low-e IGU

Solar control low-e glass miraculously combines all the best features of low-e, UV-protective, self-cleaning and toughened glass. Such glass reflects outside an infrared sunlight, preventing overheating of a room even in the hottest days. Up to 58% of heat does not penetrate inwards the premise, and you save on air conditioning.

Stay Warm During Winter Months

In winter solar control low-e glass works just like low-e glass preserving the heat inside the room. As a result, heat loss decreases by 22% and energy saving reaches 78%! Besides, the transparency of solar control low-e glass is almost similar to regular glass and does not affect the amount of visible light coming into the room. It is an excellent solution for any residential or office building.

Low-e Triple / Quadruple Pane IGU

Apparently, a warmer glass surface will decrease a chance of condensation. That is why we highly recommend choosing low-e IGUs with at least three glass panes. Thus, if a room is heated, the room side surface temperature of the inner pane of a triple or quadruple glazed window will be much higher than with double glazing.

The Best Choice For Canadian Climates

In the severe conditions of Canadian climate double pane does not solve all the arising issues. One of the most common homeowner complaints is condensation. The reason for it is a considerable difference in heat from on inner and outer sides of the glass. Cold air contains less energy than warm air, and it’s less capable of keeping water vapor in its gaseous form. This means that the air inside your home will be damper than the air outside. When this air hits a cold surface, like a window, it will lose the energy necessary to hold onto the airborne water, and so that water will be deposited. Over time, this effect causes the build-up of water condensing on the glass.

Low-e Double Pane IGU

An average home loses 25 percent of its energy right through the window. More precisely, that energy is lost through thin or poorly fitted glass in your windows, around the glass seals, through window frames that deteriorate and leak over time, or poorly designed and insulated window units, all of which make energy loss much worse.

Superior Multi-Seal Technology

A sophisticated, multi-chamber design of our window profiles, and addition of a low-e insulating glass unit (IGU) with double, triple, and even quadruple-pane glass will deliver up to 35 percent better energy performance than old vinyl windows. There is a variety of insulating glass units (IGU) that you can choose from. There is little doubt that the most popular type of window today is a uPVC double pane window. This is mainly down to a combination of uPVC looking good, being durable, and requiring little maintenance. In combination with low-e glass this unit offers significant energy efficiency.

Soundproofing IGU

Similar to Low-E units, this type of IGU provides protection from outside noise. This is possible due to special triplex glass. Besides, the thickness of window glass differs, as well as the width of chambers inside the IGU. However, the features of soundproofing and low-emissivity are normally combined in one unit.

Shock-resistant IGU

This type of IGU is widely used in bars, restaurants, supermarkets and malls. The triplex glass used for these IGUs consists of multiple layers. The glass thickness can vary from 6 to 40 mm. In case the glass deforms or breaks its shards will not be scattered all around. Triplex glass of at least 13 mm thick will not let a bullet go through the glass.

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