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Aluminum Windows

Customizable Windows In Any Shape Or Size 

Aluminum is a popular choice of material for windows and doors. If you are planning to renovate your home and want to buy windows, choose RD Construction Inc’s aluminum windows in Montreal.

Benefits of Using Aluminum Windows

Are you thinking of buying new windows for your home or office or are planning to upgrade your current windows? If so, seal the deal with our aluminum windows. Some advantages of installing aluminum windows are:

• Easy Maintenance and Durability

Our aluminum windows are made of extruded aluminum profiles of the highest quality. They are resilient to any damage and are also weather resistant. Due to light weight and high durability of the material, aluminum windows are the best solution for big openings. Besides, the best Italian hardware installed in our aluminum windows makes them exceptionally easy to use and maintain. 

• Thermal Efficiency

Due to a multi-chamber structure of our aluminum profiles and modern insulation technologies used in the manufacturing, our aluminum windows provide exceptional thermal efficiency and are recommended to be used in passive house construction. 

• Sound Proof 

If you are looking for noise-cancelling windows, an aluminum window is your best option. 

These windows cancel the noise from outside to ensure quality life inside your home

• Easy to Dye 

To explore different colours of aluminum windows that suit your home aesthetics, rely on us. Unlike local aluminum made of white or commercial brown colours, our aluminum widows can be dyed into any colour 

• Aesthetics

When it comes to choosing a type of material for your windows, aluminum is a symbolic material for contemporary architecture. It can be customized for different looks and finishes 

• Fire- Resistant

An essential factor to consider when purchasing your windows is fire resistance, and aluminum widows offer that

Contact Us to Install Your Aluminum Windows

Speak to us if you want to replace your existing windows with our aluminum windows in Montreal. We also offer contemporary kitchens. To learn more about our kitchen accessories, fill out our online form.

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